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Paris in 05 days, for beginners

Day 1: 
Eiffel Tower 
If you are visiting Paris for the first time, take a boat (at Champ de Mars/ tower) along Seine River and enjoy the view. 
Metro station: Champ de Mars.

Day 2:
Arc de Triomphe (if you have time, have a great view of Paris from the top) 
Champs Élysées 
Grand Palais
Metro station: Charle-de-Gaulle-Étoile.

Day 3:
Notre Dame Cathedral 
St. Chapelle Church
Ile St. Louis - is a charming island full of restaurants and cafés; it is near to pont des arts (bridge), where lovers put padlocks.  
St. Michel Boulevard or St. Germain Boulevard
Luxemburg Gardens 
Metro station: St. Michel Notre Dame.

Day 4:
Montmartre (If you are carry a baby, you may take the funicular railway). 
Moulin Rouge
Metro station: Abbesses (it is near to funicular railway).

Day 5:
Louvre Museum (Rue de Rivoli): only go into the Louvre if you have time, it is huge! Metro station: Louvre Rivoli.
Museum d'Orsay (impressionists painting) is also incredible but if you don't have time to enjoy, you have a reason to go back to Paris. 
Picasso Museum is also worth visiting, if you have time. Metro: St. Paul. 
Rodin's Museum is beautiful, much smaller and an open-air museum with a garden and a restaurant; it is more doable in a short period. Metro: Varenne. 

Restaurant time for lunch: from 12 to 14.30. 
You can easily move around Paris by metro

Obs: a Parisian friend advised me NOT to ask information in the streets, because the chances are higher he/she will give you the wrong information... c'est la vie. 

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