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7 good reasons to learn to dance tango

For an outsider, the idea of learning tango might be overwhelming. The dance looks complicated, almost acrobatic. The tango which most “porteños” (natives from Buenos Aires) and international people dance is much easier than the “tango show” but just as beautiful. If you need some motivation to start, here are seven reasons to learn tango:

1) Tango is an excellent exercise for balance and posture. Only after I learnt to dance tango, did I realize how people lean on others to keep themselves upright.
2) By learning to dance tango, you will learn to listen to yours and to your partner’s bodies;
3) It is a way to realize that sensuality has no beauty pattern, social class, age and so on. Anyone can learn;
4) It is a pleasant way to meet people either in your own town or almost anywhere in the world. Tango dancers have built a kind of “tangohood” to help new students (or new people in town) feel more comfortable.
5) If you learn tango, you will be able to practice almost anywhere when you travel. Before traveling, you can do a search in the internet “tango + milonga + name of your destination”, and the places to go will appear. By the way, milonga is a location where people dance tango, like a club; and it is also one variation of tango;
6) You will be able to share a passion with as many people as you dance with, because most of people who learn to dance tango get addicted to it;
7) Believe it or not, it is also a way of self-knowledge.
And if you don’t care about any of those reasons, learn tango just for fun!

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